Making Senna

Making Senna

Senna was lots of fun to make! She was first proposed at a dinner at least a year ago, and then when Anne and Geoff found out that no dogs were allowed at their wedding hall, we had to think of a way to bring Senna into the ceremony.

Scissors prototype to get the general shape here. Senna looks a little bit like a bear here.

Oh, and of course the first concept was sketched on paper first.

This version of Senna gets the snout approximately right, but her head is too wobbly on her shoulders so I want to make some changes.

You have to test each design a lot by putting it together with different people. Everybody figures it out a different way, and sometimes you learn a better way to do it just by watching them put it together.


An early Senna in front of a prototype of AT&T Park! Senna still has those bear ears.

Pile of partially developed Senna clones! Scene from a sci-fi movie?